Guadalupe Muñoz

My case was very complicated. I was referred to Mr. Kazaryan by one of my friends. The moment I walked into his office I just knew everything was going to be ok. His staff is so kind and friendly, they made me feel like family and they really cared.

I spoke to Mr. Kazaryan and he reviewed all the documents I had brought with me. He told me because I had a prior deportation, and a couple of misdemeanors, that my case was a bit complicated but not impossible. He told me the steps I needed to take to reopen my asylum case and that he would help me every step of the way. What really impressed me was when I asked him what were my chances and if he could guarantee my case, and he said that if he could guarantee cases he would be a millionaire.

He is an honest man, and I believed him. As of today, I have followed every advice he has given me and I am proud to say I am now a US citizen. Mr. Kazaryan is the BEST!!! Thank you to The KazaryanLaw Firm… especially for answering the 1,000 phone calls that I made. If you are looking for an Attorney who is not afraid to take on a difficult case, Mr. Kazaryan and his beautiful staff will get the job done.