Change can be daunting, especially when it comes to immigration statuses.  The laws within this realm can confuse even the most astute student due to their ever-changing nature and vague terms.  Many of our clients are currently facing extreme challenges as they are confronted with such laws.  They wonder what their futures will look like and if they can count on the security they enjoy now being available to them in the days to come.  It shouldn’t be this way.  If you have found yourself in the grips of a challenging allegation, please don’t attempt to go at it alone.  Our team at Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. would be more than happy to help you with your questions and get your case sorted in a timely manner.

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, our firm is skilled in helping clients struggling with the most complex legal issues.  We understand the difficulties you are up against, and will make every effort to defend and support your rights in court.  We want you to succeed and consider a win for you to be a win for us, as well.

More specifically, should you find yourself in need of a highly-skilled and experienced Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals lawyer in the Riverside area, we are the firm for you.  With a strong resolve towards putting each and every client’s needs at the forefront of our minds and a rock solid work ethic, we will get your case off the ground in no time.  Our team cares deeply about your case.  We strive for excellence in everything we do and are confident that you will be pleased with your experience working with us throughout the entire process.

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Our Legal Background

A firm foundation is important to any structure, and we believe that’s true when it comes to a law firm as well.  Our experience runs deep, and so does our commitment to both excellence and distinction.  As mentioned, we have enjoyed working for over 20 years in our community, fighting on behalf of the legal rights of those who need it most.  We make it our mission to equip each person who walks through our doors so that they leave feeling confident and empowered.  Your ability to understand your rights and your trust in our ability to help defend them is what makes us a great team.

The Founder Of Our Firm

With an excellent founder at the helm of our team, we believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.  Mr. Areg Kazaryan has been a committed leader of our firm for many years.  He has earned an excellent reputation throughout  both the community and legal arena at large.  Mr. Kazaryan takes the needs of his clients very seriously, and works tirelessly to ensure that each person is cared for and well-represented.  You will be pleased when you put your case into his hands.

As a graduate of Southwestern University School of Law, Mr. Kazaryan graduated with high honors, earning his Juris Doctorate degree.  He also belongs to some of the most well-known and established associations known nationwide.  Some of these organizations include:

  • The American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The California Supreme Court


We Can Help You Today!

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To schedule your consultation, please call (818) 265-1920