Having a safe space to return to each night is a lovely reprieve from the difficulties of everyday life.  Feeling cozy at home is something we likely all look forward to, and knowing we can rest our heads in our own space is highly comforting.  Sadly, this is not something that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy.  For those that are uncertain of their immigration statuses, the security and comfort that home can bring can be gone in an instant with one changing law.  As a matter of fact, the laws within the world of immigration appear to be constantly changing, making it difficult to pin down what can be counted on.  That’s where our experienced team of legal professionals at Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. comes in.  We are able to assist clients with even the most challenging legal situations.

We are happy to let you know that for over 2 decades, our team has been fighting hard on behalf of all of the clients that walk through our doors.  We care deeply about each and every person we meet, and make it our mission to defend and uphold the rights of our clients vigorously.  We want you to be both educated and empowered as it relates to your rights because we truly believe that knowledge is power.

If you are currently living in the Fresno area and are in need of a Ninth Circuit Appeals lawyer, then look no further than Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. to help you with all of your legal needs.  Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your experience with us is both enjoyable and hassle-free.

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A Little Bit About Our Team

To give you a little bit of background about our team, we are a group of professionals that are committed to high standards, excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our business.  We are passionate about helping our clients get their cases sorted out and their rights upheld in court.

Our team’s guiding light is our very own founder, Mr. Areg Kazaryan.  He has passed down this dedication to excellence to everyone in our team.  For 2 decades he has been working hard on behalf of our community, to ensure that clients are protected and empowered in their efforts towards citizenship.  His hard work and devotion has paid off, earning him a strong reputation and many happy clients throughout the years.

Because of his dedication to hard work, integrity and high-standards, Mr. Kazaryan has chosen to associate and pursue membership with many of the most reputable legal organizations in the country.  Some of these include institutions like the CA Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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If you or someone you love is currently facing legal allegations and you need a reliable and reputable lawyer, please contact our firm today.  One of our team members would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to assisting you in the future!

To schedule your consultation, please call (818) 265-1920