When you are facing a criminal allegation and likewise have an uncertain immigration status, the challenges before you can seem daunting. There’s no reason that you should have to attempt to process through all of this on your own. What you need most during this time is reliable criminal immigration legal help. At Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C., we know exactly how to help our clients through the complexity of such situations. In our many years of experience, there’s very little we haven’t seen or been able to help. If the legal problems before you are daunting, and you’re not sure where to turn, we are the firm for you. We offer our clients the best criminal immigration legal help around.

We provide support and defense to each and every client that walks through our doors. There’s simply no reason that you should feel intimidated or unclear about what lies before you. When you choose to work with our team, we will educate and empower you so that you know your rights and can confidently go forward.

For two decades, we have been serving our community with their toughest legal challenges. We have seen the full spectrum of legal cases come across our desks, and there is nothing that we can’t help. Despite the cause of your issue, we are the firm for you. Rest assured that we provide the best criminal immigration legal help you will find anywhere today. If you are facing a denial, conviction, or status abandonment, we are well equipped to assist you as you sort through such challenges.

If you are living in Pasadena, and need the best criminal immigration legal help you can find, turn to our firm. We know exactly what is needed to help defend and uphold your rights in a court of law. You won’t be disappointed when you choose to work with us.

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Many Happy Clients

We are a client focused firm that is dedicated to making you our top priority. Over the years, we have earned many happy clients due to our emphasis on professionalism, integrity, excellence, and dedication to each and every person we work with. It is our goal to make sure that you feel well-represented during this entire process.

We have a fabulous leader who has helped to set this tone of excellence within our firm. Mr. Areg Kazaryan is our faithful founder who works hard each and every day to provide an atmosphere of hard work and dedication on behalf of our clients. For many years, he has provided criminal immigration legal help for those who need it most. He surrounds himself with people who feel as passionate as he does about defending the rights of clients within the immigration world.  As such, Mr. Kazaryan belongs to several organizations who are well-respected in the legal industry such as:

  • The California Supreme Court
  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The State Bar of California (1994)
  • The American Immigration Lawyers Association


Criminal Immigration Legal Help–When You Need It!

When you need reliable criminal immigration legal help, Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. has got you covered.  From start to finish, you will receive support and encouragement from our experienced team of legal professionals.  Contact us today–we would be happy to assist you!

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