Finding yourself in the midst of a legal battle is a nightmare no one wants to have to face. It’s hard to know where to turn, especially when the future is uncertain. If you are looking for a reliable criminal immigration law firm, we can help you. At Kazaryan Law firm P.C., our team knows exactly what is needed in order to get your case off the ground and your rights successfully defended in court.

Finding a reputable criminal immigration law firm shouldn’t be so difficult.  In fact, when you are facing legal challenges, finding a trustworthy attorney should be one of your top priorities.  It’s important who you work with when it comes to these issues.  You need a reliable firm who is on your side from start to finish.  And that’s where we come in!

If you are located in the Pasadena area and need an expert criminal immigration law firm, let Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. be the ones to help you.  With over 20 years of experience in the legal field, there isn’t much we haven’t seen.  Not only do we have vast experience in the legal realm, but we are experts in our field.  Our approach is centered upon putting the needs of our clients first and foremost.  We want you to feel understood and supported the whole way through. Not only that, but we also strive for your ultimate success.  We consider your win to be our win as well!

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A Bit About Our Firm

To have a solid foundation is essential for any structure in order to ensure its overall integrity.  That’s true for our firm as well.  We have a solid foundation in our founder, Mr. Areg Kazaryan.  He has helped to shape our firm into the incredible place that it is to this very day.  With a focus on professionalism and excellence in all things, you will find that our firm is head and shoulders above the rest.

During his time at Southwestern University School of Law, Mr. Kazaryan learned many lessons about hard work, ethics and integrity in all things.  He carries this over into his everyday life–even now.  When you choose to put your case into his hands, be assured that your legal dilemma is being handled by someone who truly cares about your rights and will stop at nothing to work towards your success.

Mr. Kazaryan is not only focused on taking care of his community’s legal needs by offering his clients a reputable criminal immigration law firm, but he also associates himself with others who passionately hold to his ideals as well.  Some of the legal institutions he belongs to include the likes of:

  • The American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • The Central District Court of California
  • The California Supreme Court
  • The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit


Our experienced team of legal professionals will work tirelessly to both defend and support you from beginning to end.  We value your needs and will work with you to ensure that you feel empowered and understood throughout the entire process.


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