At Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C., our team knows how stressful it can be to undergo criminal charges when your immigration status is not secure. The laws do not stay the same for long, leading families and individuals to feel uncertain and unstable as it relates to their futures. If you are facing charges and your immigration status is not cleared, our team at Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. has got you covered. We would love to be your criminal defense immigration law firm of choice.


With a rich history in both education and real-life experiences, we are well-equipped to handle even the most challenging of cases.  Our knowledge of the tactics employed by both local attorneys and federal judges gives us a true advantage in the overall defense of your unique case. Allow us to take on your legal burdens with both ease and expertise.


Should you find yourself located in the Pasadena area and have been searching high and low for a respectable criminal defense immigration lawyer who can help with a variety of concerns, we are the team for you. We believe that it is our duty to help defend your case diligently in a court of law and will stop at nothing to ensure your success.

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Legal Professionals Who Care About YOU

Have you ever wondered if your legal team cares about you? When you work with us, you won’t have that question. We are committed to defending you from start to finish. When you walk through our doors, we treat you like family.


With a firm as reliable as ours, you will be in good hands. Our commitment to your legal rights is unmatched in the industry. We stop at nothing to make sure that each and every one of our clients are taken care of with the highest quality care and a firm commitment to the law.

The head of our team, Mr. Areg Kazaryan, has been working in this field for many years with dedication and resolve. He is the founder and leader of our firm, and has worked hard with our community to support them during some of their most difficult legal challenges.


The Very Best in Immigration Law

Our commitment to high standards is praise-worthy.  We care deeply about the integrity of this sphere of law, and work with extraordinary effort to go the distance when it comes to excellence within.  One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our resolve to be associated with organizations that keep us accountable and inspired in our work.  These organizations share the same passion for high standards and excellence as we do.  A few of them include the California Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


We Can Help You!

So why wait?  When you need the best in immigration or criminal law, Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. is there for you.  You can call us now, and get help you have been searching for.  We would simply love to help you!

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