Who doesn’t love when things are going their way?  Having safety and security in our everyday lives is something that is easy to take for granted when life is good.  During a time like this, the last thing on your mind is where to find a good lawyer.  It’s hard to predict how quickly life can shift with the changing of one minor law, but within the world of immigration, it can change lives overnight.  As a result, this can then leave many families vulnerable and uncertain.  That’s where Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. comes in.  We are dedicated to the overall well-being of our clients and will work hard on your behalf to ensure that your rights are upheld the whole way through.

We seek professionalism and excellence in every aspect of our business.  Our team is well-known for being client-focused, always going and above what is required in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for each client.  Our commitment to integrity and high standards truly sets us apart from the rest.

Finding a reputable citizenship lawyer shouldn’t be so hard.  Unfortunately, it can be.  If you are searching for a highly-qualified attorney who is skilled in citizenship law and you are living in the Las Vegas area, then look no further than our firm.  With more than 2 decades of experience serving our community, we are well-versed in the tools needed to ensure a successful outcome of your case.

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Our Firm’s History

Our firm enjoys a wonderful atmosphere of commitment, dedication and expertise.  We are passionate about the needs of our clients and work together to unravel your case and uphold your rights.  Our founder is at the forefront of our supportive environment, and has worked tirelessly in our community for many years providing exceptional legal care to those that need it most.  As a dedicated citizenship lawyer, his resolve to work hard on behalf of each client is evidenced by the fact that from beginning to end, he puts their needs first.

Mr. Kazaryan’s rich academic background at Southwestern University School of Law helped to pave the way for a lifetime of dedicated service to our community’s legal needs.  His care and skills are unmatched, and are made evident during each interaction he has.  Not only does he display professionalism and integrity in his everyday dealings, but he aligns himself with organizations that feel the same.  As a reputable citizenship lawyer, Mr. Kazaryan belongs to several well-known legal organizations that are committed to the same high standards that he has.  Some of these include the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Central District Court of California, the California Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.


Let Us Help You With Your Legal Needs!

In need of a well-established citizenship lawyer?  Look no further than our firm to meet all of your legal needs.  We would love the opportunity to be able to assist you with your case, and will work with you to answer any questions that may come up.  Contact us today!

To schedule your consultation, please call (818) 265-1920