There is no place like home.  Most people can agree with that statement.  However, for those facing immigration challenges, the idea of home is quite nuanced.  Many families and individuals don’t know what the future holds for them.  That can be an unsettling experience.  If this describes what you are currently up against, our team at Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. can assist you.  We offer highly-esteemed BIA legal help and have been serving our community for over 30 years.  We understand the difficulties our clients are facing and seek to make every effort to faithfully serve and defend each person in a court of law.  You shouldn’t have to wade through these complexities on your own.  We are the BIA legal help team who is here for you–from beginning to end!


If you are located in the Pasadena area and in need of an established BIA legal help team, Kazaryan Law Firm, P.C. is who you need to call.  Our goal is to ensure that each client feels supported and encouraged while working with us.  We work to empower you so that you can move forward with confidence and resolve.  We believe that knowledge is power, which is why we dedicate so much of our time to ensuring that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities with respect to your unique situation.

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A BIA Legal Help Team with Years of Experience

We are a BIA legal help team with many years of practical experience behind us.  Our founder, Mr. Areg Kazaryan has been providing legal services for our community for the last 3 decades, and during that time, has gained many extremely satisfied clients.  His focus on educating those that come to him for help and ensuring their wellbeing have given him the excellent reputation he enjoys today.  People notice right away the difference between us and the competition.  We are client-focused and dedicated to upholding your rights from the moment you come to us for help.

Having a highly esteemed BIA legal help team on your side is an important part of the legal process.  We value the needs and rights of our clients, and always seek to make sure their rights are protected.  Mr. Kazaryan has helped to create this solid foundation within our firm.  His focus on client rights, excellence and professionalism have made our firm both a positive and rewarding place to be a part of.


It will please you to know that Mr. Kazaryan enjoys memberships with many well-respected agencies throughout the US, some of which you might be familiar with.  A few of these institutions include the California Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


The BIA Legal Help Team for YOU

You can stop your search right now for the perfect BIA legal help team–you’ve already found it!  We are the BIA legal help team for you.  Contact us today, and someone from our legal team will answer any questions that may come up and will work with you to get your case sorted out in a timely fashion.  If you’ve got immigration issues, don’t wait another minute–call now.  We would love to help you!

To schedule your consultation, please call (818) 265-1920